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Book "Manor Houses & Castles in Mecklenburg", Volume 2

Book "Manor Houses & Castles in Mecklenburg", Volume 2

In Volume 2, we present 48 estates with short texts and more than 220 historical and current photographs on 160 pages.

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book Mecklenburg 2

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Manor House Poggelow

Poggelow is situated between Teterow and Gnoien, away from the main roads leading through the region. The place was first mentioned in 1314.

For centuries, the estate was owned by the Counts von Bassewitz, who also owned the neighboring estates of Prebberede and Dalwitz. In 1803, it was in the possession of Johann Heinrich Reppin and later Alexander Graf von Bassewitz from 1848 to 1891. The Bassewitz’s era on Poggelow ended in 1891 with the sale of the property to the veterinarian Clara Henriette Wilhelmine Schröder. In 1933, the 670-hectare estate was divided up. The manor house was built in 1848 based on plans of architect Friedrich Hitzig.

After the Second World War, refugees moved into the manor house. Later, it served as a nursery, kindergarten, restaurant, seat of the municipality and the municipal office. Some of the rooms were also occupied by the LPG and the civil defense. The upper floor housed several families.

After political change, the municipality was forced to sell the mansion in 1994 since the costs for reconstruction and maintenance were too high for the small community. The new owners first refurbished the interior and later the façade. Since 1997, the “Poggelow Castle” has been open for holiday guests.

The manor house has a landscaped park with a lake, old trees, and wide lawns. A royal stable, barn, and blacksmith’s shop from the original estate have been preserved.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


von Gentzkow


von Warnstedt


von Lüttichau


von Qualen


von Geerz


Joh. Heinrich Reppin


von Hertell


von Blücher


von Bassewitz


Clara Henriette Wilhelmine Schröder née Peters

bis 1934



35 new farms, 4 inherited farms