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Manor House Kobrow near Laage

Kobrow is situated north-east of the town of Laage, approximately 25 kilometres south of Rostock. The house is located on a hillside towards the river Recknitz, surrounded by a park. ... more

Manor House Kraase

The estate was originally in possession of the Rostke family. As owners followed families named Ferber, Klinggräff, von Gentzkow, and Lembcke. The last owners before the expropriation in 1945 were Albrecht and Franz Warnecke. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Leppin

Leppin is situated approximately 10 kilometres southeast of Neubrandenburg. From 1694 to 1705 the estate was in possession of the von Genzkow family. In 1705 Katharine Christine von Genzkow married Hans Felix von Oertzen. He had a horse shoe shaped manor house erected. ... more

Manor House Poggelow

Poggelow is situated between Teterow and Gnoien, away from the main roads leading through the region. The place was first mentioned in 1314. ... more

Manor House Rossow

The Rossow manor house was built as a one-storey, plastered, half-timbered Baroque building with a saddle roof and two small protruding, single-sided wings on the front. ... more