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Dalwitz manor in calendar 2016

Dalwitz manor in calendar 2016

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Daschow manor in calendar 2019

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Manor House Dalwitz

The Dalwitz estate gives us an idea of how comprehensive many historical large-scale concerns there were in rural Mecklenburg-West Pomerania. The whole site can be experienced today, with a large number of the original buildings being preserved and in good condition.

Dalwitz we present in calendar 2016
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The castle wall cannot be missed; it is surrounded on three sides by a moat (Warning: Crocodiles!).

The old manor house in Dalwitz was built in 1726. Count von Bassewitz, the successful and for his times modern agriculturalist, made decisive changes in the mid-19th century. The manor house was rebuilt and extended in Tudor style in 1855. Medieval decorative elements have underlined the origin as a feudal country since then. Oriels combine parts of the building which were built at different times. The Bassewitz family coat of arms is on the north side of the manor house.

The estate complex was also extended with new buildings such as the administration building as well as others during this time.

The Dalwitz estate was under the ownership of the Bassewitz family from 1349 to 1945. Count Heinrich von Bassewitz was expropriated in 1945 and fled to Schleswig-Holstein.

The estate was settled and the farming concern passed on to state ownership in 1952. Dr. Heinrich Count von Bassewitz and his wife Lucy Countess von Bassewitz returned to Germany from South America in May 1992 in order to rebuild the farming concern after a 46 year “interruption” and to tackle the manor house and farm buildings renovation.

The manor houses apartments and guest rooms today.

Dr. Heinrich Count von Bassewitz farms ecologically and was awarded the Agrar-Kultur-Preis (Agricultural Prize) for his work in 1999.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:

since 1379

Familie von Bassewitz


Philipp Cuno von Bassewitz


Chamberlain Bernhard Matthias Count von Bassewitz


Countess S. E. O. von Bassewitz (Senior civil servant Bernhard Friedrich Count von Bassewitz)


Privy Administrative District Officer Bernhard Friedrich Count von Bassewitz


Chamberlain Adolf Count von Bassewitz


Heirs: Brothers Counts von Bassewitz


Heinrich Ludwig Graf von Bassewitz


Henning Friedrich Count von Bassewitz


Heinrich Count von Bassewitz

FerienGut Dalwitz

17179 Walkendorf OT Dalwitz, Dalwitz 44

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