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Parks & Gardens

Park Alt Plestlin

The landscape park, created in the 19th century, includes the natural surroundings, a slope towards the river Peene, a little pond, marsh areas and age-old trees. ... more

Lennépark Basedow

Between 1835 and 1840 Peter Joseph Lenné presented several plans for the rearrangement of the park. These accounted for the inclusion of the village and the surrounding countryside. ... more

Burg Schlitz, Hohen Demzin (in german only)

Mittelpunkt des ca. 80 ha großen Parks bildet das 1811 begonnene und 1824 fertiggestellte Herrenhaus. ... more

Park Groß Siemen (in german only)

Der Gutspark Groß Siemen ist mit der Leidenschaft für die Rosen durch eine lange vorhandene Geschichte verbunden. ... more

Castle grounds and wildlife park Ivenack

The sweeping Ivenack landscape park is situated west of Ivenack on the road to Basepohl, North West of the Ivenack Lake. The centre of the park is marked by the Ivenack castle. ... more

Castle Grounds in Kaarz

In to the building period of the manor house between 1872 and 1874 also falls the creation of the seven hectare park by the garden architect C. Ansorge. ... more

The Park of Karlsburg Manor

Following the edification of the manor house in 1732, one of the most beautiful baroque style buildings of Western Pomerania, Carl Behrend von Bohlen commissioned the creation of a French style park. ... more

The Park of Fort (Manor House) Klevenow

The place of Klevenow, a former Pomeranian border fortification against Mecklenburg, is situated on the upper Trebel river. In the mid-19th century the then owner Friedrich von der Lancken-Wakenitz had a landscape park of approx. 15 hectare laid out on the ancient former ramparts. ... more

Klocksin Park

Klocksin is situated on the edge of the Klocksin lake district. Behind the manor house an extensive park stretches towards the lake (Flacher See). ... more

Manorial Park Kölzow

Initial start of the park was the defence tower fortifications of the early German settlers who came to the region with the conquest of Mecklenburg by Henry the Lion. ... more

Lennépark Krumbeck

In 1832 Otto Ernst Carl Hellmuth von Dewitz had the park around the manor house redesigned according to plans by Peter Joseph Lenné. ... more

Park Landsdorf

The park of the former Landsdorf estate covers approx. 7 hectare. It has an old stock of trees, including lime trees, oaks, Douglas firs, beeches, firs, Irish yews, 20 partly rare magnolias, Paulownias and a pocket handkerchief tree. Special features of the park are over 100 rhododendrons, an orchard, a vegetable garden, and a large English-style herbaceous border. ... more

Moated Castle Liepen near Malchin

Already in 1337 the Hahn family was enfeoffed with the Liepen property and for centuries it belonged amongst their estate possessions. ... more

Manor House, Hunting Lodge Quitzin

The Quitzin manor house was built in Renaissance style in 1607 on vaults from the 13th century. ... more

Landscape Park and Wrangelsburg Lake

The Landscape Park Wrangelsburg stretches for 3 hectares (7.4 acres) along the southern shore of the palace lake.  On a stroll around the lake under old trees one can see botanic rarities like a heritage-protected ash tree, Swiss stone pines,  and field birthwort, among others. ... more