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Fortresses and Strongholds

Fortress Dömitz

Dömitz lies in the Elbtalaue where the three states of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Niedersachsen and Brandenburg meet. A castle built in the 13th century which was destroyed in 1353 forms the foundation of the fortress. ... more

Castle Galenbeck

The Brandenburg Margraves built a border castle to Pomerania on the west bank of the Galenbecker Lake in the 13th century. ... more

Hohen Demzin, Schlitz Castle

Hans von Labes, who assumed the name of his father-in-law after his marriage to Louise von Schlitz, began building the present-day manor house in 1806. ... more

Klempenow Castle

The Klempenow Castle was built in the mid-13th century as a lowland castle on an alluvial sand island with an enclosed inner courtyard, surrounded by a wall and battlement. ... more

Veste Landskron

The picturesque castle ruin of Landskron lies north-east of Altentreptow in the hollows of the Großen Landgraben. Ulrich II von Schwerin had the fortress built in Renaissance style in 1576. ... more

Castle Löcknitz

Löcknitz is situated in the border region of Pommern and Brandenburg. It was first mentioned in records in 1212. ... more

Castle Müggenburg

The moated Müggenburg Castle lies in the quiet and isolation of the typical Western Pomeranian landscape west of Usedom. ... more

Castle Neustadt Glewe

The castle building on an artificial mound directly on the Elde for the Count von Schwerin began in the 13th century. . ... more

Castle Penzlin

Penzlin is not only known for its location in the attractive landscape south-west of Neubrandenburg but also above all for its old castle with a witches’ dungeon. ... more

Plau am See Castle

There are only remains of the embankments, and the castle tower with its dungeon have been preserved from 1448/49 on the castle estate which was completed in 1287 and later expanded several times. ... more

Stargard Castle

The building began through the order of the Margraves Johann I and Otto III von Brandenburg in 1236 and was finished in 1258. ... more

Stuer Castle

A castle south of the Plauer Lake first referred to in 1178. It was owned by the Familie von Flotow until 1830. ... more

Moated Turow Castle

The former moated Turow Castle, with its foundation dating from the 12th century, stands on a slight rise and hidden behind the great trees of a park which was designed in the 18th century. ... more

Burg Wesenberg

The Wesenberg Castle was built in the mid-13th century. Henricus Misnerus was the feudal bailiff there (researchers believe he was the minstrel Heinrich Meissner the Elder) until the end of the century. ... more


Wolfshagen is a border territory between Brandenburg and West Pomerania. Many listed buildings form the townscape. ... more

Castle and Manor House Wredenhagen

An old castle complex from the Prince von Werle stands on a hill in Wredenhagen on the Brandenburg border. ... more