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The small Sisters of the Manor Houses: the Houses of the Demesne Tenants

What were Demesnes?

In 1800 almost half of the agricultural land of Mecklenburg belonged to large-scale landowners, just under the other half was owned as `Domanium´ by the two sovereign princes, the grand dukes.   ... more

Lay-out of Demesne Estate Complexes

The Sovereign Demesne Administration to a large extent predefined the lay-out of the demesne estate complexes and these were rather standardised. ... more

Places within the district of the Demesne Administration Lübz

The area covered by the Demesne Administration of Lübz (without its western and northern edge) lies between Lübz in the west, the county border in the south, the lake at Plau in the east, and the Zahren lake in the north. ... more