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Coats and Family

The von Barner Family

The Barners were an old family with the rank of knight, resident primarily in western Mecklenburg, as indicated by many still-extant place names (Barnekow, Barnin, Barner Stück). ... more

The von Bassewitz Family

According to legend a knight named Bernd von Bassewitz saved the life of his feudal lord, the ruler of Mecklenburg, bringing him to safety while battle raged by following the tracks of a wild boar. ... more

The von Bülow Family

The von Bülow family is one of the oldest and most well-known lineages of the ancient nobility of Mecklenburg. ... more

The von der Lühe Family

According to legend the history of the von der Lühe family and the origin of the compound in Kölzow are connected to a love story that occurred over 800 years ago. ... more

The von Flotow Family

The von Flotow family belongs to the ancient nobility of Mecklenburg. First of the family to be mentioned in writing, in a document dating from 1241, is Godefridus de Vlotowe. ... more

The von Gadow Family

The Gadows belong to the native nobility of the county of Ruppin, with an ancestral seat of the same name near Wittstock, Prignitz. ... more

The von Hahn Family

The von Hahn family is an old noble family of Mecklenburg. First mentioned in recorded history is an Egkehardus Hane in 1230. ... more

The von Horn Family

“One of the oldest noble lines in Pomerania, the von Horns are mentioned in the regional history of 1198, moving into Mecklenburg early on and from there to Sweden. ... more

Familie von Knuth

The von Knuth family belongs to the ancient nobility of Mecklenburg.  The first documentary evidence of the Mecklenburg Knuths is of Heinricius Knuth in 1230, and the genealogy begins with Henning Knuth. ... more

The von Levetzow Family

On the occasion of a family reunion in 1903 the von Levetzows settled upon this coat of arms. Older versions depict five rather than seven vertical beams. ... more

The von Maltzahn Family

The Maltzahn arms depict the heads of two hares and a grapevine with three leaves; its colors are blue, gold, and red. The oldest historical source for the existence of the Maltzahn family is a document dated 1194. ... more

The von Oertzen Family

The history of the von Oertzen family reaches back to the year 1192 and the nobleman Uritz in the retinue of Prince Borwin I. ... more

The von Plessen Family

The origins of the well-known von Plessen family of Mecklenburg probably lie in the 12th or at least the 13th centuries. ... more

The von Pressentin Family

In the middle of the 17th century the family was on the point of dying out, but husband and wife Bernd von Pressentin and Anna-Dorothea, also born von Pressentin, had several sons and the family flourished anew in four branches. ... more

The von Randow Family

The von Randow family belongs to the ancient nobility of the temporal government of the Archbishop of Magdeburg. It first appears in recorded history in the year 1236. ... more

The von Schwerin Family

The Schwerins are an old noble family of Pomerania and Mecklenburg.  The line of descent begins at the end of the 12th century with Bernardus, a counsellor in Zverin. ... more

The von Storch Family

The von Storch family owned land mainly in the area of the current district of Rostock. ... more

The von Vogelsang Family

The Vogelsangs of Alt- and Neu-Gut(h)endorf ... more