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Manor House (Castle) Groß Schwansee

There can’t be a better location for a castle hotel, as only a few metres separate the Groß Schwansee manor house in Klützer Winkel from the Baltic beaches. A linden tree avenue through an extensive park leads you there. ... more

Manor House Beckendorf

The Beckendorf manor house was probably built at the beginning of the 18th century. After a fire, it was reconstructed and later redesigned in 1900. ... more

Manor House Brunstorf

Brunstorf and Kanneberg were under the ownership of the Wöpkendorf lord of the manor up until 1803. E. G. von Kiesewetter of Wöpkendorf sold both villages to Mrs. von Qualen during this year, but she had very little luck when managing the farm estates. Brunstorf was purchased in 1865 by the Melms family, who resided in Wöpkendorf since 1811. ... more

Estate Kanneberg

Up to the year 1803 both the estates of Kanneberg and Brunstorf were the properties of the owners of the Wöpkendorf estate. ... more

Manor House Lancken near Parchim

Around 1700 Lancken was the dairy farm of the neighbouring estate Greven. ... more

Manor House Niekrenz

Niekrenz is a municipality in the district of Sanitz, southeast of Rostock. The estate was owned by Karl von Levetzow at the beginning of the 19th century. ... more

Manor House Poggelow

Poggelow is situated between Teterow and Gnoien, away from the main roads leading through the region. The place was first mentioned in 1314. ... more

Vietow Estate

Ownership to 1945: ... more

Estate Wehnendorf

Structure of ownership prior 1945: ... more