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Zierstorf Manor House

Zierstorf first appears in written history in 1317.  The house was built in 1780.  In 1793 the estate had a brickworks and in 1799 a school was established. ... more

Manor House Kobrow near Laage

Kobrow is situated north-east of the town of Laage, approximately 25 kilometres south of Rostock. The house is located on a hillside towards the river Recknitz, surrounded by a park. ... more

Manor House Poggelow

Poggelow is situated between Teterow and Gnoien, away from the main roads leading through the region. The place was first mentioned in 1314. ... more

Warnkenhagen Manor House near Teterow

After 1656 the estate was in the possession of the von Vieregg family, while in the 18th century the owners changed often: von Hein; von Warnstedt; Hennings; von Hahn... more