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Manor Houses and Farm Houses - H

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The places named hereafter did have or still do have farm- and manor houses too. However we lack information and pictures of those. In case you would like to add a contribution towards these pages, please do: We are eager to know about it.

Hädchenshof, Hahnenhorst, Hagenow Hof, Hallalit, Hamberge, Hankenhagen, Harst, Hartwigshof, Hasselförde, Hedwigshof, Heidemühl, Heidhof, Heilgeisthof, Heinrichshof, Heydenhof, Hinrichsfelde, Hinrichshof, Hinzenhagen, Hirschburg, Hochkamp, Hof Borg, Hof Lütgendorf, Hof Werle, Hofe, Hoffelde, Hohen Mistorf, Hohen Wangelin, Hohenmühl, Hohensee, Hohenstein, Hollendorf, Holzkrug, Holz Lübchin, Hopfenhof, Hoppenbarg, Hungerstorf, Hütthof