Manor House Hohenbüssow

Hohenbüssow is located in the quiet landscape of Tollense Valley, southeast of Demmin. The place was first documented in 1270. The village was part of the Broocker estates and was probably a fief of the Buggenhagen family from 1422 to 1635 (with just a two-year interruption).

In 1652, the estate was owned by the von Horn family.

Since 2007, the manor house has been in private hands, the interior has been renovated: two family-friendly apartments, a large entrance area with foyer, fireplace, and large kitchen. There is a large hemispherical room in the middle of the house that is used for events and family celebrations.

Some of the farmhouses have been preserved. Led by Leo Kraus, the ProVie Theater has found a new seat in the 150-year-old grain store.

The rubblestone church is home to an organ that was restored by Barnim Grüneberg in 2002. Also noteworthy is the cemetery where members of the von Seckendorff family are buried.