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Manor Houses and Farm Houses - I

The Manor House (Castle) of Ivenack

The origins of the Ivenack castle building go back to the reign of Duke Johann von Mecklenburg-Güstrow (1585 to 1592). For himself and his consort Sophie von Holstein he had a baronial renaissance house built on the foundation of the most influential Mecklenburg Cistercian monastery which was located here as early as 1252. ... more

Ihlenfeld Manor House

The original Ihlenfeld manor house was a plain, one-storey residential building of the von Rieben family, who owned the estate at the time. In 1810, the estate was purchased by the bailiff von Michael, who had the simple manor house rebuilt around 1850 by the master builder Friedrich Wilhelm Buttel in the English Tudor Gothic style with high corner towers and a three-axle central risalit. ... more

Estate Ikendorf

Ikendorf belongs to the municipality of Broderstorf. On the spot where once stood the manor house a new building was constructed. The former manor house was built around 1900 according to plans by the architect Paul Korff. ... more

Manor House Ilow

Structure of ownership pre 1945: ... more

The Estate Iven

A manor house at Iven is no more, it has been demolished. Extant is the inspector's (estate manager) house which is inhabited as well as two flanking barns, of which one has a damaged bell on the gable. ... more

The places named hereafter did have or still do have farm- and manor houses too. However we lack information and pictures of those. In case you would like to add a contribution towards these pages, please do: We are eager to know about it.

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