Manor House (Castle) Hohen Niendorf

Hohen Niendorf lies in the middle of the Kühlung ridge between the Baltic resorts Kühlungsborn and Rerik.

The estate has been under the ownership of the Bobsin family since 1859, Mrs. Sophie von Oertzen in 1913, followed by Count Wilamowitz-Möllendorff. The manor house was built according to plans by the architect Heinrich Thormann around 1865 in a historical form as a brick building and was changed in 1912 by the architect Gustav Hamann by commission of the then owner Count Wilamowitz-Möllendorff. Among other measures, the building now had more stories and had a diagonally shaped tower. The manor house served as a holiday and training home for the Free German Trade Unions in the 1970s. It has been rebuilt and extended again in the past years. Privately-owned apartments which are rented as holiday apartments have been built.

The landscape park, once again very well looked after today, was laid out in 1866 according to the plans of the Rostock garden architect Wilken to include several early history archeological monuments. It also has a great variety of colourful rhododendrons, a mighty holly oak and a variety of shrubs from several continents.

Jagdschloss Hohen Niendorf

18230 Hohen Niendorf,

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