Manor House Hövet

The manor house in Hövet, a small quiet village in Western Pomerania, was built towards the end of the 19th century.

At the end of the 13th century the Riga Cathedral Chapter acquired the village from the possession of the von Preen family; later it went to the Neuenkamp Monastery and after secularization the ducal chamber took over the estate.

Around 1937 Willi Müller was tenant of the demesne.

After 1990, the manor house was sold and the new owner shortly thereafter began to make repairs to the roof. For unexplained reasons, there was then a fire in the vacant building. Since then, construction work has been at a standstill. Tragically for the building, water has now been entering the building unhindered for many years, as the roof was initially only secured with a water vapour foil, which has now been missing for some time. The whereabouts of the owner cannot be traced.

The farm buildings of the former estate are partly inhabited.

Hövet ist Bestandteil des Wochenkalenders 2007