Hohen Schönberg Estate

The Hohen Schönberg estate, which is located on the Bay of Lübeck, was first documented as “Sconberge” in the Ratzeburg tithe register in 1230.

The name stems from the Schönberg hill that is almost 100 m high and is the highest point between Lübeck and Wismar with 100 m. Hohenschönberg was owned by Heinrich von Parkentin, who was also the progenitor of Holstein. He was followed by the von Both and von Plessen families. The Count of Bothmer then acquired Hohen Schönberg, which at that time had a total size of 756 ha. In 1921, the von Versen family bought the estate and a part of the provinces including Hohen Schönberg. The estate and the surrounding lands were then purchased by Dr. Manfred E. F. Guth. Today, the old gallery of the original estate, including the coats of arms of the families who owned Hohen Schönberg, can be found in St. Laurentius Church in Kalkhorst.

The manor house was demolished following extreme degradation. Only the old manor wall (also known as “small Chinese wall”), the barns, and the so-called “hunting lodge” could be preserved. This is the new seat of the current agricultural management.