Manor House Hinrichsberg

Heinrich v. Below, born in Klink in 1540, founded the farm named after him between 1563 and 1575.

He left Mecklenburg in 1575 and entered into service under the Danish King. He sold Hinrichsberg to his brother Joachim during the same year. Henrik Below, as he was called in Denmark, achieved membership of the Reichsrat (upper house) for many years and received the Spöttrup Castle in Jütland as a present from King Frederik II in 1579. Anna Emerentia v. Preen, the granddaughter of Wilhelm v. Below auf Hinrichsberg, married Otto v. Pogwisch in 1657, through which Hinrichsberg came under the ownership of this family from Holstein. The grandson, Christoph Otto v. Pogwisch, was still noted in Hinrichsberg in 1755 but died in the following year. Ernst Friedrich v. Gandlach was given the fiefdom of Hinrichsberg by Duke Friedrich of Mecklenburg on 11 July 1765. Hinrichsberg remained under the ownership of this family until its sale to Kurt Schroeder in 1929. Over half of the 381 ha. estate was sold under the new owners in 1931, so that in the same year six neighbouring farms were created and two further farms in 1936. The son of Kurt Schroeder, who died in 1931, Kurt Schroeder Jr., was expropriated in the land reform of 1945.

The two-storey manor house dating from the Pogwisch time was under the ownership of the municipality after 1990 and was rented for residential purposes. The manor house burnt down in 2009. The building could not be saved and was stripped down to its vaulted cellar in 2011. A side wing next to it which had been built in 1850 by Ernst v. Gandlach and his wife Emilie, maiden name v. Bülow, remained.

The present owner acquired the plot in 2011 and restored the extension in 2012. Holiday apartments are rented there.

In addition the 4 ha. park is regaining its contours.

Gutshaus Hinrichsberg

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