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Thurow manor house near Brüel

Duke Heinrich von Mecklenburg bestowed the Breesen, Ventschow, Turow, Jesendorf and Bibow estates to Joh. Bassewitz in 1444. ... more

Manor House Schependorf

The area was referred to as Schepekendorf for the first time in 1339. The original location of the village is shown on the oldest field map from 1773 as an “Alten Hoff” land parcel. ... more

Manor House Groß Raden

Groß Raden is well-known due to the archaeological open-air museum located northeast of the village in a lowland area next to Lake Groß Raden. The circular castle is located on a prominent peninsula. ... more

Manor House Langenfelde

In the 16th century the Langenfelde estate was in possession of the Knights of Bugenhagen, from 1652 on the owners were the von Sperling family, followed by the von Pfuel family. Around 1722 Johann August von Meyerfeldt, Governor General of Swedish Pomerania, received the estate. ... more

Manor House Retgendorf

With a camping site and a large residential community, Retgendorf is now a popular residential and holiday resort. The old village originated from a former estate, whose manor house has not existed for a long time. ... more

Manor House Rubow

From the 15th to 17th century, particularly the knightly dynasty of von Sperling was in possession of large areas located northeast of Schwerin Lake. ... more

Ventschow Manor House

In Ventschow are remaining estate grounds, including the former owner’s house.  Around 1800 the estate was in the possession of the von Bülow family (Camin banch). ... more

Vietow Estate

Ownership to 1945: ... more

Wessin Manor House

Wessin was first documented in 1391, when the dukes of Mecklenburg mortgaged the rights to the village to Kurt von Restorff of Radepohl and Wessin.  Over hundreds of years the estate passed from hand to hand, partly as collateral. ... more