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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

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Wessin Manor House

Wessin was first documented in 1391, when the dukes of Mecklenburg mortgaged the rights to the village to Kurt von Restorff of Radepohl and Wessin.  Over hundreds of years the estate passed from hand to hand, partly as collateral.

The manor house is a long two-storey half-timbered building with two gables, built between 1820 and 1830 and currently heritage protected.  The addition of the second storey occurred in 1910.

During the East German period and up to 1992 the house was used as a school as well as for apartments and township offices.

Today the house is privately owned and the annex has been renovated, but the main building is in sad condition.

The farm buildings flanking the house have been torn down.

The remains of a park with a remarkable tulip tree still exist.

Ownership before 1945:

1391 - ca. 1670

von Restorff family

ca. 1670

von Wenkstern family

ca. 1683

Klaus Christoph von Kloss and two von Passow brothers

from 1688

von Sperling family 
1734 Ernst Friedrich von Sperling

from 1723

von Passow family


to the von Elderhorst family (ennobled 1782) as collateral
The family also possessed estates in Radepohl, Kleekamp, Bolz, Ruchow and Tieplitz.

from 1794

Department Counselor Joh. Christoph Krause

ca. 1800

von Barner family


von Hirschfeld family


von Lüttichau family


von Bornstedt family


von Dannenberg family


Peter Friedrich von Witzendorf


Joh. Friedrich Willrath


Ernst David Hamel


Dr. phil. Hermann Pohl
1908 Pohl brothers