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Manor House (Castle) Mentin

The town of Mentin is located south of Parchim, in the landscape conservation area of ​​the Ruhner Mountains, right next to the highway. A monumental representative manor house was erected on the edge of a small valley. ... more

Manor House Gehmkow

Gehmkow was originally owned by the von Pentz family. They were followed by the von Platens, then the von Pressentin, the von Heyden, and the Grönlund family. ... more

Manor House Gross Kussewitz

Gross Kussewitz is situated in the affluent suburbs in the Eastern parts of the Hanseatic city of Rostock. Many new buildings have been erected in this place in recent years so much the worse appears the fate of the beautiful manor house. ... more

Manor House Klein Nienhagen

Klein Nienhagen was an old fiefdom of the von der Lühe family with its administration in Wendisch Mulsow (now Klein Mulsow). ... more

Manor House Prestin

The Prestin estate was owned by the von Pressentin family from 1270 to 1872. The family also owned various other goods in the area. ... more