Manor House Prestin

The Prestin estate was owned by the von Pressentin family from 1270 to 1872. The family also owned various other goods in the area.

It is one of Mecklenburg’s ancient noble families of Wendian origin with the ancestral seat in Prestin near Sternberg in Mecklenburg. As per a manuscript collection from the 17th century, the written records date back to 1270 with Petrus von Pressentin in Prestin. Hencze de Priscentin appears in a record from June 28th, 1275 (see Mecklenburg Record Book II No.1391). According to Prof. Kühnel, the name comes from the Wendish word “parstin” or “porstin” (= claw) and is therefore closely connected to the coat of arms, which is a claw. The coat of arms has changed slightly over the centuries, but it has always been clear that it is a claw. The estate of Prestin was owned by the family from 1270 to 1872, before the widow of Adolph von Pressentin and her many children were forced to sell the estate. However, the chapel, built in the 13th century, still belongs to the family and was restored in recent years.

The manor house that had been built in the mid-18th century was destroyed by a fire in 1945.