Manor House Daschow

During the 17th century, this was the home of the von Penz, von Passow, and von Pressentin families. In 1802, a share of the von Pressentins’ property went to Wilhelmine Juliane Dorothea von Pressentin, who was married to Captain von Hartwig from Schwerin since 1797.

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After she died, her son Wilhelm Ferdinand Carl von Hartwig acquired the property. Around 1900, the one-storey half-timbered manor house was transformed in Neo-Renaissance design. In 1945, the von Hartwig family was forced to abandon the property.

The manor house served as a home for refugees, and later housed a doctor’s practice, sales point, and restaurant.

The park was parceled into small gardens and the estate, including the manor house, integrated into LPG’s “Karow”.

Since 1973, the manor house was used as a holiday home and restaurant, even the park was refurbished.

Shortly after the political turn, a training institution from Nuremberg, “bfe-Bildungspark”, purchased the sturdy manor house and renovated it until 1997 in order to finally train personnel for the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry. In 2000, the institution had to file for bankruptcy.

From 2002 to 2008, “Schloss Daschow” was operated as a hotel. It now has a new owner after a forced sale in 2005.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


von Pressentin


von Hartwig
In 1802, Wilhelmine Juliane Dorothea from Pressentin inherited the estate. She, who had married Hauptmann von Hartwig in 1797. After her death, her son Wilhelm Ferdinand Carl von Hartwig (1799-1874) took over the estate.

1939: Carl, Albrecht and forrester Kurt von Hartwig

1924-1943: brothers Rudolf, Carl, Albert and Kurt von Hartwig