Manor House Klein Nienhagen

Klein Nienhagen was an old fiefdom of the von der Lühe family with its administration in Wendisch Mulsow (now Klein Mulsow).

In 1715 the ownership passed to Major von Oertzen whose heirs held the estate until 1790. This was followed by several owners, amongst others Privy Councillor Sengebusch, von Boddien, Kuitschky, District Administrator Baron von Meerheimb, Court Hunting Squire Carl von Plessen, Cavalry Captain von Bülow (1802), Thomsen, Major Wachhusen, Captain von Kolzenberg, Schomann, von Pressentin, and von Cannenburg. In 1910 Martha Countess von Polier auf Altenhagen purchased the estate for her son Ferdinand Count von Polier. He had the large stable building erected in 1913 and the manor house reconstructed in 1923. He remained lord of the manor up to 1945.

During the ensuing decades up to sixteen families lived in the house simultaneously.

1998 the Glöe family purchased the manor house from the community of Altenhagen. Nowadays horses have again found their home on the old feudal estate.

In the grounds there are populations of old wing nut trees.

The estate complex has been lovingly restored and has been operating as a holiday farm with riding stables since 1998.