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Manor House Hinrichsberg

Heinrich v. Below, born in Klink in 1540, founded the farm named after him between 1563 and 1575. ... more

Manor House Deven

The property was owned by the von Kargow family. Possession later went to the von Hahn and von Below. On the night of November 5 to 6, 1832, Mr. von Below is murdered. The manor was then administered by Herr von Saldern on Groß Plasten. It was finally sold in 1836. In the sale advertisement it is mentioned that the manor house was built about 40 years ago. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Gross Plasten

A document proves the first mentioning of the village of Gross Plasten on September 8th, 1284. Owner of the estate in 1790 is Regierungsrat (senior civil servant) von Normann, who probably had the main building erected in 1751. ... more

Manor House Jargelin

The manor had been owned by Heinrich von Below since 1851. The estate remained in the family's possession up to the expropriation after 1945. The last owner was Georg Ludwig Heinrich Nicolaus Freiherr von Below. ... more

Manor House Kargow

During the 15th century the Pritzbuer family resided in Kargow, followed by the Kastorf family, in 1547 Klaus Below, and in 1633 August von Thomsdorf. ... more

Castle Hotel & Manor House Klink

The neo-renaissance style castle Klink in its filigree appearance is located on a headland between the Kölpin Lake and the Müritz Lake. ... more

Manor House Konsages

The small village of Konsages belongs to the municipal area of Gross Polzin. This is situated a few kilometres northwest of Anklam in what is nowadays the rural district of Landkreis Nordvorpommern-Greifswald. ... more

Manor House Massow

The mansion was built in 1860, after the predecessor building had burnt down. The estate was owned by the families von Flotow, von Below, von Lücken, von Pahlen, von Weltzien, von Rohr, von der Lanken, von Preen, and (again in 1924) von Lücken family. ... more

Manor House Scharstorf

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more