Manor House Konsages

The small village of Konsages belongs to the municipal area of Gross Polzin. This is situated a few kilometres northwest of Anklam in what is nowadays the rural district of Landkreis Nordvorpommern-Greifswald.

The village was first mentioned in records in 1168. Known as owners and operators of the estate are Jochen Christoph Manthey in 1784, later the brothers Gustav Johann and Magnus Hermann von Wolffradt. They sold the property in 1798 to Baron Friedrich Carl Ernst von Falkenstein, who in turn sold it in 1805 to the von Below family. Bleichert Wilhelm von Wolffradt eventually brought it back into family ownership. In 1913 the feudal estate was owned by Vicco von Voß-Wolffradt. The last tenant up to 1949 was the Prützmann family.

After the community of Gross Polzin took over the estate the manor house was used for various purposes. Some reconstruction measures took place too. During the 1950s for instance the manor house accommodated the post office and from 1968 on also the local co-op shop. In 1990 the Schüler family purchased the manor house from the community. The house was erected as a half-timbered building above a solid foundation of rubble masonry on both sides of a two storey middle section in brick work, with an overall dimension of 12 metres by 40 metres.

While the northern wing of the building has been refurbished during the past 15 years, the rest of the house still requires such work.

To the manor house belongs the adjacent land consisting of the yard, grassland, and park areas including a pond, with an overall size of 9.800 square metres.