Manor House Kargow

During the 15th century the Pritzbuer family resided in Kargow, followed by the Kastorf family, in 1547 Klaus Below, and in 1633 August von Thomsdorf.

The von Erlenkamp family owned the property in 1688, in 1741 it was the von Schuckmann family, in 1839 Leopold Nikolai until 1866 when it finally came into possession of the Neumann family. The present manor house was built after 1866 on to the foundation of the predecessor building which had burnt-down. In the triangular pediment one can see the coat of arms of the last owners up to 1945, the Neumann family.

After 1945 the manor house was first used as accommodation for refugees, later it served municipal needs.

Since 1990 the building has been standing empty.

There is a rubble stone church in Kargow, the building of this began during the 13th century.