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Manor House Cramon

In the early Middle Ages, Cramon and Cramonshagen belonged to the knightly house von Cramon, which was first documented in 1230 and settled here until the 16th century. ... more

Manor House Dolgen near Laage

Dolgen was owned by a monastery around 1285. In the 16th century, it was in possession of the von Drieberg family. In the 17th century, the castle was transformed into a manor house. ... more

Manor House Gottmannsförde

Gottmannsförde is peacefully and idyllically situated in front of the gates of the provincial capital of Schwerin in the scenic Stepenitz Valley region. ... more

Manor House Lüssow near Güstrow

According to the "Großherzoglich Mecklenburg-Schwerinsches offizielles Wochenblatt 1847" (Official Mecklenburg-Schwerin Grand Ducal Weekly Announcements of 1847) of the 18th, October 1847 the estates Lüssow, Augustenruh, and Alt Gaarz owned by Gustav Stein are to be divided amongst the brothers Stein. ... more

Manor House Mühlenhof

In 1429, Hermann von Hagenow sold the "Mühlenhof" to the Dobbertin monastery. Until 1747, the farm belonged to the Mestlin estate as a dairy farm, but then became an independent tenant estate. The first leaseholder was a von Müller, who at the same time ran the glassworks which he established from 1746 on. After the dissolution of the Dobbertin monastery in 1919, Mühlenhof became a state domain and was then administered as a state property by the Lübz-Marnitz land department. In 1921, the 390 ha estate was leased to the judge Ernst Flindt from Neustadt-Glewe. ... more