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Turow Castle in calendar 2019

Turow Castle in calendar 2019

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Manor House Tellow

Tellow is closely connected with the name of the agricultural and economic scientist, social reformer and model farmer Johann Heinrich von Thünen (1783 - 1850), whose domain was the estate from 1810 to 1850.

In his magnum opus published in 1826 “Der isolierte Staat”, he developed the “Thünschen Ringe” model. They describe how agriculture should develop around a town in order to be economically successful. The midpoint of the estate’s architectural ensemble is the manor house, a building with a half-timbered gable and a balcony resting on four columns on the courtyard side. A school association under the committed leadership of its teacher and present museum manager Rolf-Peter Bartz began the building of the Thünen Museum in 1969 which opened in 1972. Further complexes in the listed estate architectural ensemble were taken over by the museum step-by-step, and the buildings and estate were saved from ruin.

The picturesque landscape park, laid out according to Thünen’s ideas in 1810 with its many tree species, invite you to go for a walk. The walkway which has hornbeams leading to a pond with an island is particularly lovely.

Structure of ownership prior to 1945:


von Hein


valet de chambre Cuno Hans Joseph von der Kettenburg (see Gottin)


lieutenant colonel Carl August and captain Georg Wilhelm von Maydell (see Gottin)


Ludwig Carl August Baron Le Fort (see Gottin)


district administrator Georg Hans Werner von Meding (see Gottin)


professionell huntsman Ludwig Adam von Plessen (see Gottin)


privy councillor Jacob Ernst Friedrich von Berlin


the heirs of privy councillor Jacob Ernst Friedrich von Berlin


brothers: Georg Ludwig, Georg Wilhelm and David Otto von Berlin


Dr. Johann Heinrich von Thünen


legal adinistrator Edo Heinrich von Thünen


Alexander Ludwig von Thünen


Franz Freiherr von der Kettenburg (see Matgendorf, Groß Wüstenfelde)


Johann Babtist Freiherr von der Kettenburg (see Matgendorf, Groß Wüstenfelde)


Franz Freiherr von der Kettenburg (see Matgendorf, Groß Wüstenfelde)


Ulrich Alwardt

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