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Manor House Tellow

Tellow is closely connected with the name of the agricultural and economic scientist, social reformer and model farmer Johann Heinrich von Thünen (1783 - 1850), whose domain was the estate from 1810 to 1850. ... more

Manor House Gottin

The Gottin manor house in a well-cared for park, with old trees and a plethora of historic and English roses, is a few kilometres north-west of Teterow. ... more

Manor House Möllenhagen

Nowadays the manor house does no longer exist; it fell victim to the wrecking ball before 1990. From the 16th to the 18th century at Möllenhagen there were farming estates and also the von Holstein knight's seat. In 1734, the von Holstein family sold the estate to the Le Fort family they held it until 1831. ... more

Manor House Pulow

Pulow is located away from the main roads, on the shore of the Achterwasser (backwater) on the island of Usedom. The preserved early German tower mound from around 1230 and the Bronze Age burial mounds near Pulow bear witness to the early settlement of this area. ... more