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Manor House Tellow

Tellow is closely connected with the name of the agricultural and economic scientist, social reformer and model farmer Johann Heinrich von Thünen (1783 - 1850), whose domain was the estate from 1810 to 1850. ... more

Manor House Gottin

The Gottin manor house in a well-cared for park, with old trees and a plethora of historic and English roses, is a few kilometres north-west of Teterow. ... more

Manor House Belitz

A cobbled street, line with old plane trees, leads past stable storage and supervisor’s house to the Belitz manor house. ... more

Manor House Groß Wüstenfelde

The Groß Wüstenfelde manor house is built on an old Slavic castle. The place was documented for the first time in 1314. It was the home of the knights Vicke and Hinrich Smeker in 1355. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Matgendorf

One clear attestation to the impressive architecture of the 19th century was erected by Chamberlain Cuno August Peter von der Kettenburg in the middle of an English garden in Matgendorf based on plans of the architect to the imperial court, Hermann Willebrand. ... more