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Manor House Tellow

Tellow is closely connected with the name of the agricultural and economic scientist, social reformer and model farmer Johann Heinrich von Thünen (1783 - 1850), whose domain was the estate from 1810 to 1850. ... more

Manor House Gottin

The Gottin manor house in a well-cared for park, with old trees and a plethora of historic and English roses, is a few kilometres north-west of Teterow. ... more

Manor House (Castle, Hunting Lodge) Bellin

The original manor house with gatehouse from the mid 18th century was built by the Imperial Count von Sala. ... more

Manor House Kägsdorf

Kägsdorf situated in the picturesque coastal landscape between Kühlungsborn and Rerik owns an untouched natural beach and is an ideal place for holidays. ... more

Manor House Kirch Kogel

Kirch Kogel was first mentioned in a document in 1303. The squire at that time was the knight Bernhard von Bellin. The Kirch Kogel estate was a secondary estate to Suckwitz. Until around 1600 the estate belonged to the monastery estates of the Dobbertin Monastery. From 1767 on Herr von Grabow auf Suckwitz was the leasehold tenant of the estate. Due to economic difficulties, he mortgaged the estate and in 1777 the creditors sold the Kogel estate farm to Hans Ernst von Hardenberg, from whom the feudal fief passed to Otto von Hahn in 1796. ... more

Manor House Maßlow

The Maßlow estate was owned by the von Meding family of Mecklenburg from 1799 onwards. They sold it in 1836 and used the proceeds to purchase the Schmakentin estate as well as the inventory and leasehold rights of the Groß Walmstorf estate. ... more