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Manor House Bütow

Bütow is located south of the Mecklenburg Lake District, southwest of Röbel. It is where former farmers used to work in lines right next to the village road. A little further away is the estate with large stables and the manor house in country house design. ... more

Manor House Groß Kelle

A half-timbered manor house that was constructed in the first half of the 19th century. The property was owned by the von Pritzbuer family from 1285 to the 17th century. ... more

Manor House Kargow

During the 15th century the Pritzbuer family resided in Kargow, followed by the Kastorf family, in 1547 Klaus Below, and in 1633 August von Thomsdorf. ... more

Manor House Lansen

The estate had been in possession of the von Hahn family since the 15th of March 1798. ... more

Manor House Sparow

The former Sparow estate lies north of Malchow in the middle of the Nature Park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide with the bordering Müritz National Park and has been completely rebuilt into a new hotel complex since 1998. ... more

Manor House Tieplitz

The former Schaumburg-Lippe estate Tieplitz with its manor house built in 1793 was purchased in 1937 by Hans-Heinrich and Sophie v. Holstein, the grandparents of the current owners, to extend their Pomeranian properties and was last managed by the parents Otto-Justus and Yougha v. Laer until 1945. ... more