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Manor House Gottin

The Gottin manor house in a well-cared for park, with old trees and a plethora of historic and English roses, is a few kilometres north-west of Teterow. ... more

Manor House Kargow

During the 15th century the Pritzbuer family resided in Kargow, followed by the Kastorf family, in 1547 Klaus Below, and in 1633 August von Thomsdorf. ... more

Manor House Rothspalk

Rothspalk was originally owned by the von Maltzan (Moltzan) family. In 1648, the estate was pledged to the Haltermann brothers in Güstrow, before it was fully acquired from the Maltzanians of the Grubenhagen line. ... more

Manor House Sophienhof, Community of Grabowhöfe

In 1945 the main building of the manor house was blasted by SS units, after parts of the art collections of the Berlin museums and other museums had been transferred here since 1944. Parts of the wings remained intact and are now inhabited. ... more