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Manor House Viecheln

Viecheln lies north of Gnoien near the border with Western Pomerania. From 1865 to 1945 the estate was owned by the merchant Blohm family from Lübeck. ... more

Manor House Gottesgabe

At the end of the 13th century, Gottesgabe was owned by the von Maltzahn family. They were followed by the von Prehn family in mid-14th century. ... more

Manor House Kargow

During the 15th century the Pritzbuer family resided in Kargow, followed by the Kastorf family, in 1547 Klaus Below, and in 1633 August von Thomsdorf. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Klein Helle

The impressive manor complex of Klein Helle is near enough completely extant. The road is lined with neat farm labourers´ cottages which in uniformed architecture lead to the estate buildings. At the end of the yard stands the prestigious manor house with the adjacent landscaped park. ... more

Manor House Klein Wehnendorf

The manor house was erected around 1890 and was later converted and extended. Klein Wehnendorf had been in possession of Carl Dittmann since l884, in 1913 Hugo Jäger was the owner, and in 1923 the Bohm family. ... more

Wendorf Manor House near Waren-Müritz

Wendorf manor house was built in 1880-1881 in the Tudor style.  During the National Socialist regime the Reich Labor Service was housed here, and later it offered accommodation to refugees. ... more

Wodenhof Manor House

The history of Wodenhof is closely connected to the old neighboring fief of Grambow.  Wodenhof and Grambow were long in the same hands. ... more