Manor House Kambs near Röbel

The village of Kambs is part of the community of Bollewick and is situated eight kilometres south of the small town of Röbel. The place was first mentioned in records on October, 22nd, 1320 when an exchange of patronage took place. 

With this swap the dukes Johann II. and Johann III. von Werle took the patronage of the provost district of the New Town in Röbel and gave in exchange the patronage of the church in Kambs to the Bishop Heinrich von Havelberg. Since 1295 the village had been in parts in possession of the von Ketelhodt family, the families von Moltke and von Maltzan owned shares too, as did the von Rohr, von Knuth, and Reitknecht families during the 15th century. In 1790 the parts of the ownership of the von Ketelhodt family went to Adolf Albrecht Wilhelm von Flotow auf Wildkuhl, however as soon as two years later the ducal chamber took over the property and the estate became a demesne and remained as such until 1945. 

The manor house, a one storey half-timbered building probably erected at the beginning of the 18th century, meanwhile shows a sad picture of deterioration.

After 1945 it served different purposes, it housed the local communal offices, a pub and the local co-op shop as well as residents in flats. In 1999 the preservation order was lifted. Nowadays the community is the owner of the building, it is standing empty. 

An old horse stable which belonged to the estate has been converted into a residential house. The community used public subsidies to convert an old granary into a community centre.