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Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

Wiligrad Castle in calendar 2019

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Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

Wrangelsburg manor house in calendar 2021

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Wildkuhl Manor House

The village of Wildkuhl was first documented in the fifteenth century and the manor house was built around 1883.  The unique estate grounds consist of a main house and two added side wings that enclose a courtyard with an oak tree that is over 300 years old.

After 1945 refugees found shelter here.

The estate is farmed by a communal association that offers a home to mentally handicapped people and in concert with them attempts to form a life perspective.  The center of its work is the pedagogical aspect and an attempt at self-sufficiency through biologically dynamic agriculture.

Owners before 1945:

15th century

parts owned by the von Flotow and von Grambow families


von Grambow family
1500 Phillip von Grambow and wife, born a von Plessen
1554 Thiedeke von Grambow and Sofia von Knuth
1576 brothers Hans, Christoph and Eckhard von Grambow
1726/27 Volrath Levin von Grambow (probably the builder of the house)


mortgaged to von Knuthen (von Knuth), cellarer of the monastery in Dobbertin


von Flotow family

1789 Albrecht Wilhelm von Flotow


Gustav von Storch


F. Hagemeister


Herm. Weger


Carl Seeler


Neckel family
brothers Werner, Otto, Friedrich and Hans Neckel


Friedrich Mejer (Meyer)


Rudolf Karstadt


Brügmann family
1934 Heinrich Brügmann
after 1943 his widow