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"Haus Demmin" House

The Hanseatic city of Demmin lies directly at the confluence of the Peene and Tollense rivers. In 1228 there is already a documental mention of a Pomeranian princely castle here, the "Alte Burg" (old fortress). ... more

Manor House Kambs near Röbel

The village of Kambs is part of the community of Bollewick and is situated eight kilometres south of the small town of Röbel. The place was first mentioned in records on October, 22nd, 1320 when an exchange of patronage took place.  ... more

Manor House Krümmel

The estate was owned by the Kerkeberg family since 1370. In the 16th century the von Rohr family held stakes in the property. ... more

Manor House Massow

The mansion was built in 1860, after the predecessor building had burnt down. The estate was owned by the families von Flotow, von Below, von Lücken, von Pahlen, von Weltzien, von Rohr, von der Lanken, von Preen, and (again in 1924) von Lücken family. ... more