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Manor House Below

The former feudal Below estate with the Grabow village belonging to it can be semantically traced back as an original Wendish (elbslawic) settlement on an old hornbeam place (grabu = hornbeam). ... more

Manor House Ludorf

Ludorf, with its special manor house and the patronage church built on an octagonal plan, is one of the few almost original manor villages extant in Mecklenburg. The village was founded by the von Morin family, who lived in a castle in close proximity. ... more

Manor House Solzow

The Solzow manor house was built in Biedermeier style at the beginning of the 19th century and is surrounded by a landscape park. ... more

Gneve estate

The Gneve property was owned by the von Morin family starting in 1284. It was later passed on to the von Knuth family in 1656 through marriage. ... more

Manor House Kambs near Röbel

The village of Kambs is part of the community of Bollewick and is situated eight kilometres south of the small town of Röbel. The place was first mentioned in records on October, 22nd, 1320 when an exchange of patronage took place.  ... more

Manor House Leizen

Along a wide boulder access road one reaches the entrance portal of the manor house Leizen which was erected in 1898 in the Wilhelminian style on a nearly square floor plan. ... more

Manor House Priborn

Right in the middle of the town of Priborn, south of the Müritz, is an alley that leads directly to the manor house. ... more

Manor House Sparow

The former Sparow estate lies north of Malchow in the middle of the Nature Park Nossentiner/Schwinzer Heide with the bordering Müritz National Park and has been completely rebuilt into a new hotel complex since 1998. ... more