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Hohen Schönberg Estate

The Hohen Schönberg estate, which is located on the Bay of Lübeck, was first documented as “Sconberge” in the Ratzeburg tithe register in 1230. ... more

Castle Lütgenhof

Castle Lütgenhof is situated near Dassow directly at the nature reserve around the Dassow Lake in the midst of an extensive park landscape. ... more

Manor House Mustin

Even nowadays, a cobblestone road leads to the former site of the manor house, which was demolished during the GDR era. Mustin was first mentioned as Mostyn in a document on April 13th 1325. ... more

Manor House Tieplitz

The former Schaumburg-Lippe estate Tieplitz with its manor house built in 1793 was purchased in 1937 by Hans-Heinrich and Sophie v. Holstein, the grandparents of the current owners, to extend their Pomeranian properties and was last managed by the parents Otto-Justus and Yougha v. Laer until 1945. ... more