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Bothmer Castle

Schloss Bothmer is situated in the area known as the "Klützer Winkel", near the town of Klütz. It is the largest Baroque palace complex in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. ... more

Hohen Schönberg Estate

The Hohen Schönberg estate, which is located on the Bay of Lübeck, was first documented as “Sconberge” in the Ratzeburg tithe register in 1230. ... more

Manor House Brook

The Klützer Winkel is widely known as cultural land and attracts visitors from near and far. ... more

Estate Christinenfeld

The Christinenfeld estate has only existed under this name since 1725. It was created through the combination of both the Guldenhorn and Tarnewitzer estates by the Count von Bothmer. ... more

Manor house Gubkow

The Gubkow property has consisted of both feudal estates Hohen Gubkow and Sieden Gubkow since the Middle Ages. ... more

Manor House Lieblingshof

In 1807 the estate was in possession of Johann Hillmann followed in 1842 by John Sansum, in 1843 owned by Richard Moritz Oppenheimer and in 1857 it belonged to  Ludwig Friedrich Bernhard von Arnim. ... more

Manor House Neverin

The estate had been feoffed to Christian Wilhelm von Arnim after it had been conscripted by the Duke in 1694. He sold it to Hans Christoph von Rieben in 1708. ... more

Manor House Schmachthagen

The two-storeyed renovated Schmachthagen manor house in the Stepenitztal municipality near Grevesmühlen dates from 1890 and is a listed building. It is privately owned and inhabited. ... more

Manor House Stellshagen

Stellshagen, first documented in 1230, lies a few kilometres south of Klütz. The von Plessen family as well as other squires had owned estates here since the 16th century. ... more