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Manor House (Castle) Groß Schwansee

There can’t be a better location for a castle hotel, as only a few metres separate the Groß Schwansee manor house in Klützer Winkel from the Baltic beaches. A linden tree avenue through an extensive park leads you there. ... more

Hohen Schönberg Estate

The Hohen Schönberg estate, which is located on the Bay of Lübeck, was first documented as “Sconberge” in the Ratzeburg tithe register in 1230. ... more

Manor House Gottesgabe

At the end of the 13th century, Gottesgabe was owned by the von Maltzahn family. They were followed by the von Prehn family in mid-14th century. ... more

Manor House Kaeselow

The Tudor style manor house was erected around 1860 and had been the property of the von Oertzen family since 1878. ... more

Manor House (Castle) and Estate Tenant´s House Kalkhorst

Kalkhorst was a feudal estate which was in possession of the Both family at least from 1325 to 1847. In 1848 Wilhelm von Biel purchased the run-down estate and began to rebuild it. ... more

Manor House Klein Welzin

As it stands the manor house of Klein Welzin must have been created by refurbishing an older building probably during the mid 19th century. ... more

Manor House Rankendorf

Rankendorf is a town in Klützer Winkel. It has a representative two-storey plastered manor house from 1870. Its architectural design is based on the French Neo-Renaissance style. ... more

Manor House Rastorf

In Rastorf there stands a sedate, multi-storey, white-rendered manor house, which has been renovated in recent years and is now used as an apartment building. ... more

Wodenhof Manor House

The history of Wodenhof is closely connected to the old neighboring fief of Grambow.  Wodenhof and Grambow were long in the same hands. ... more