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Manor House, Hunting Lodge Quitzin

The Quitzin manor house was built in Renaissance style in 1607 on vaults from the 13th century. ... more

Manor House (Hunting Lodge) Kotelow

In 1672 the last of the Kotelow properties owned by the von Rieben family went to Henning von Oertzen. ... more

Castle and Hunting Lodge Rossewitz

Rossewitz lies isolated in the middle of fields, meadows and woods; a manor house of indescribable charm. The Rossewitz estate was under the ownership of the von Moltke family, then the von Normann (Nortman) family and from 1450 to 1782 the Vieregge family. ... more

Friedrichsmoor Hunting Lodge

Jagdschloss Friedrichsmoor is a hunting lodge situated within the Lewitz conservation area, a landscape characterised today by woodland, meadows, ditches and ponds. ... more

Friedrichsthal Hunting Lodge

Friedrichsthal is a north westerly district of the capital "city" of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Schwerin. In 1790, the government official August Georg von Brandenstein built a simple half-timbered summerhouse there, which, after various changes of owner, was acquired in 1797 by Grand Duke Friedrich Franz 1 for 4,000 Taler (silver coins). ... more

Hunting Lodge Gelbensande

Picturesquely situated in a wooded area of heathland near Rostock, Jagdschloss Gelbensande was once the summer residence of Duke Friedrich Franz III of Mecklenburg (1851 - 1897) and his wife Anastasia Michailovna Romanova (1860 - 1922). ... more

Granitz Hunting Lodge

Jagdschloss Granitz, which is built on an elevation of 106m known as the Tempelberg, offers visitors a breathtaking view over the island of Rügen. ... more

Hunting Lodge Schönwolde in Krembz near Gadebusch

The Schönwolde hunting lodge is under private ownership and has been restored. ... more

Waldsee Hunting Lodge

In 1899 the future Grand Duke Adolph Friedrich V of Mecklenburg-Strelitz began building a hunting lodge. In 1900 the lodge was completed with a half-timbered servants’ wing. ... more