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Manor House (Castle) Roggow

The listed Roggow manor house had already been first referred to historically in 1345 and today belongs to one of the oldest in Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, a land of many beautiful monuments. ... more

Manor House Langensee

About 6 km South East of Bützow lies this former ancillary estate of the village Gülzow. The manor house, the farm, and the narrow park are situated parallel to the lake. In the 1930s the agricultural farm was dissolved - due to the beautiful location right next to the lake a "Recreation home for the purpose of mental and physical recovery of exhausted city dwellers in need of rehabilitation" was established at the residual farm buildings. ... more

Vietgest Manor House (Palace)

Vietgst was first mentioned in documents in 1340.  In the 17th century the area was divided into Klein Vietgest with two farmsteads and one smallholding, and Gross Vietgest with a noble estate and four farmsteads. ... more

Wrangelsburg Manor House (Palace)

South of the Hanseatic city of Greifswald lies Wrangelsburg village.  The former village, “Outpost,” belonged to the von Neuenkirchen family from 1426.  From that time on various houses existed there, which through war or fire were vandalized or dismantled. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Kölzow

According to legend the history of the von der Lühe family and therefore the origin of the estate compound in Kölzow is linked to a love story which occurred over 800 years ago. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Ralswiek

The builder of the Ralswiek Castle, Hugo Sholto Oskar Georg Count Douglas (born in 1837), came from a family which immigrated to Germany from Scotland on religious grounds around 1700. ... more

The Gorow Manor

The Gorow manor house, built in 1882, impresses with its symmetrical floor plan and the representative vestibule, which is illuminated with daylight via a square glass roof. ... more

Gadebusch Castle

Gadebusch is one of the oldest towns in Mecklenburg. Its Renaissance palace was built in 1571 by Duke Christoph of Mecklenburg on the site of a castle first mentioned in the 8th century, destroyed in 1181 and then rebuilt. ... more

Veste Landskron

The picturesque castle ruin of Landskron lies north-east of Altentreptow in the hollows of the Großen Landgraben. Ulrich II von Schwerin had the fortress built in Renaissance style in 1576. ... more