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Manor House Daschow

The village of Daschow was first mentioned in 1235 under the name Darsekow. After the Thirty Years' War Daschow is a fiefdom of the von Dessin family, who originated from Gottorf near Schleswig. ... more

Manor House Ludorf

Ludorf, with its special manor house and the patronage church built on an octagonal plan, is one of the few almost original manor villages extant in Mecklenburg. The village was founded by the von Morin family, who lived in a castle in close proximity. ... more

Ludwigsburg Castle

Ludwigsburg castle is idyllically situated on the edge of the Greifswald Bodden (Bay of Greifswald). It was built between 1577 and 1592 on the orders of Duke Ernst Ludwig of Pommern-Wolgast as a dowager's residence for his wife. ... more

Ludwigslust Castle

In 1724, a hunting lodge and park for Duke Christian Ludwig II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin were built in the village of Klenow. In 1754, the village was renamed Ludwigslust. ... more

Moated Turow Castle

The former moated Turow Castle, with its foundation dating from the 12th century, stands on a slight rise and hidden behind the great trees of a park which was designed in the 18th century. ... more

Wiligrad Castle

Schloss Wiligrad is situated to the north of Schwerin near the village of Lübstorf, in a wooded area which extends down to the shore of Lake Schwerin. ... more

Gutshaus Neu Bartelshagen

Bartelshagen gehörte im 16. Jahrhundert zusammen mit Zühlendorf zu den Besitzungen der Familie Dotenberg. In Folge des Dreißigjährigen Krieges ging die Familie in den 1660er Jahren in Konkurs und das Gut wurde verkauft. ... more

Gutshaus Greven

Das Gut Greven war von 1324 bis 1456 als Pfand im Besitz der Familie von Plessen. 1456 ging das Gut an eine Familie Tralow, ihnen folgten die von Winterfeld und von Stralendorff. 1734 erwarb der  preußische Oberst Helmuth von Plessen das Gut. Er setzte auf dem Gut sehr moderne Ansichten in der Landwirtschaft um. ... more

Griebenow manor (castle)

The manor house was built between 1702 and 1706, including parts of a castle. Griebenow was owned by the Swedish von Rehnskiöld family, from the second half of the 18th century it went to the Keffenbrink family and at the beginning of the 20th century it was owned by the von Langen-Keffenbrink family. ... more