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Manor house Moisall

The Moisall estate was pledged to Kaspar von Vieregge from 1651 to 1661 and frequently changed ownership after that. Georg von Winterfeld became the owner in 1714, but soon after that there were further changes of ownership. ... more

Manor House Teschendorf near Rostock

Teschendorf, about 13 km east of Rostock, can be accessed via a historic cobblestone street. Starting in 1375, the estate was owned by the von Preen family who held it for more than 400 years. ... more

Manor House Alt Plestlin

The grand manor house Alt Plestlin originates from around 1850 when it was erected on the foundation walls of a previous building. ... more

Godow estate

Godow was since 1375 an inalienable component of the Teschendorf estate. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Hohen Luckow

The Hohen Luckow estate was under the ownership of the von Bassewitz family from 1308 to 1810. They built the manor house for Christoph von Bassewitz in 1707/1708. ... more

Manor House Klein Belitz

In 1270 Klein Belitz was first mentioned in records. From 1755 up to 1925 the estate was in possession of the von Langen family. ... more

Manor House Rubow

From the 15th to 17th century, particularly the knightly dynasty of von Sperling was in possession of large areas located northeast of Schwerin Lake. ... more

Wendorf estate near Laage

Structure of ownership prior to 1945: ... more