Manor House Klein Belitz

In 1270 Klein Belitz was first mentioned in records. From 1755 up to 1925 the estate was in possession of the von Langen family.

In 1931 the estate had to be opened to settlements. Next to each other there are two manor houses from various eras in Klein Belitz. The old manor house, which was built around 1825, is a two storey neo-classical rendered building. Joined to it is a connecting structure, aside of this the new manor house in neo-baroque style was built in 1903. The two storey rendered building shows interesting decorative elements like surrounding screens, a central risalit, and side façades with cambered gable.

After the land had been divided into settlements the manor house served as a sanatorium, after WWII refugees were accommodated here. Between 1960 and 2003 the building was used as a school, for this reason another functional building was added to the old manor house. The manor house is in good structural condition because in 1990 the community had the façade restored, new windows were fitted, the roof was reconstructed and the heating system modernized.

The listed building stood empty since 2003 and has been sold by the community in 2015 / 16.

In the village the blacksmith's shop has been preserved.