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Manor house Moisall

The Moisall estate was pledged to Kaspar von Vieregge from 1651 to 1661 and frequently changed ownership after that. Georg von Winterfeld became the owner in 1714, but soon after that there were further changes of ownership. ... more

Manor House Poppendorf

Poppendorf is located in the so-called eastern suburbs of the Hanseatic town of Rostock. The village road leads you right to the former estate. Its centered around the manor house, which is now known as “Musenhof”. ... more

Manor House Damerow

The Damerow estate, located between Pasewalk and Prenzlau, had been a fiefdom of the von Winterfeld family since the end of the 16th century. In 2006, the descendants of this family succeeded in reacquiring the former family estate including the agricultural land. ... more

Manor House Gorschendorf

Gutshaus Greven

Das Gut Greven war von 1324 bis 1456 als Pfand im Besitz der Familie von Plessen. 1456 ging das Gut an eine Familie Tralow, ihnen folgten die von Winterfeld und von Stralendorff. 1734 erwarb der  preußische Oberst Helmuth von Plessen das Gut. Er setzte auf dem Gut sehr moderne Ansichten in der Landwirtschaft um. ... more

Manor House Kagenow

Kagenow was first mentioned in documents in 1307. In the middle of the 14th century there were two estates in the village, one was in possession of the knight Martin von Winterfeld, owner of the other was the Heyden family.  ... more

Estate Klein Varchow

Nowadays the village of Klein Varchow does no longer exist, it was incorporated into the village of Klein Flotow; the manor house has disappeared too. In the 14th century, the Kruse (later Krause) dynasty resided in the castle at Varchow - Varchow is therefore considered their ancestral seat. ... more

Demesne Malow

In 1779 Malow was a fief of the knighthood office of Grabow. The owner was Georg Adolf von Winterfeld. ... more

Manor House Rastorf

In Rastorf there stands a sedate, multi-storey, white-rendered manor house, which has been renovated in recent years and is now used as an apartment building. ... more