Manor House Kagenow

Kagenow was first mentioned in documents in 1307. In the middle of the 14th century there were two estates in the village, one was in possession of the knight Martin von Winterfeld, owner of the other was the Heyden family. 

The Heyden family owned a castle not far from the river Peene on a hill which is even nowadays known as the Schlossberg.

In 1419 the property went to the Netzow family. Up to 1724 they also owned the von Winterfeld share. In 1842 Ludwig von Netzow sold the estate to Wilhelm von Kruse who resided at Neetzow.

In the 19th century Kagenow was a typical estate village with a manor house, estate complex, farm labourers´ cottages and a church next to the grange; however, there were also farmsteads.

In 1913 the estate was in possession of Wolf Eginhard von Kruse at Neetzow, the tenant was Paul Kutschke (as in 1928 too). The estate Kagenow was owned by Friedrich Wilhelm Kutschke up to the expropriation due to the land reform in 1945. His grave is at the Kagenow cemetery.