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Manor House (Castle) Broock

The manor house in Broock is in essence a late Baroque plaster building erected around 1765. Between 1840 and 1850, this building was rebuilt in the neo-Gothic style according to plans by Friedrich August Stüler, commissioned by Hans von Seckendorff. ... more

Manor House Hohenbüssow

Hohenbüssow is located in the quiet landscape of Tollense Valley, southeast of Demmin. The place was first documented in 1270. The village was part of the Broocker estates and was probably a fief of the Buggenhagen family from 1422 to 1635 (with just a two-year interruption). ... more

Manor House Kraase

The estate was originally in possession of the Rostke family. As owners followed families named Ferber, Klinggräff, von Gentzkow, and Lembcke. The last owners before the expropriation in 1945 were Albrecht and Franz Warnecke. ... more