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Manor House Zietlitz

On the edge of the Nossentiner-Schwinzer Heide Nature Park, in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District, lies Zietlitz.  The manor house, cozy and restored with great sensitivity, is available for a restful and unique vacation experience. ... more

Manor House (Castle) Katelbogen

From 1662 on up to 1798, with a brief interruption, the estate was in possession of the von Plessen family, followed by the von Plüskow family, and from 1856 on by the Jasmund family. ... more

Spyker Castle

Schloss Spyker is a stucco building which dates from the 15th century and which was altered in the 17th century to reflect the tastes of its new owner Carl Gustav Wrangel. ... more

Wendorf Manor House near Waren-Müritz

Wendorf manor house was built in 1880-1881 in the Tudor style.  During the National Socialist regime the Reich Labor Service was housed here, and later it offered accommodation to refugees. ... more