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Manor House Groß Kelle

A half-timbered manor house that was constructed in the first half of the 19th century. The property was owned by the von Pritzbuer family from 1285 to the 17th century. ... more

Manor House Klein Teetzleben

Klein Teetzleben is part of the community of Gross Teetzleben. The manor house is an elongated one-storey building with a two-storey central risalit on the front and a centric entrance porch at the rear. During GDR times the manor house was structurally strongly changed. The façade was smoothly plastered; the windows were altered and so on. It is in use for residential purposes. ... more

Klempenow Castle

The Klempenow Castle was built in the mid-13th century as a lowland castle on an alluvial sand island with an enclosed inner courtyard, surrounded by a wall and battlement. ... more

Prillwitz Castle

The Prillwitz estate was owned in the 14th century by the von Peccatel family. It then passed to the von Heydebreck family, then the von Maltzahn family, and was later owned, until the end of the 17th century, by the Blankenburg family. ... more

Zahren Manor House near Waren

Zahren lies on the edge of the Müritz National Park in the middle of the Mecklenburg Lake District. In 1274 Prince Nicholas I of Werle enfeoffed Bernhard and Heinrich Peccatel and the Knight von Raven with the estate; the Bardenfleth also had their seat here around that time. ... more